The Ghost of Hampton Court Book



Maid Martha, Teller of Tales, recounts Henry VIII’s marriage to the teenaged Catharine Howard, her arrest, trial, execution and her tormented haunting of Hampton Court.

32 Pages – Hardcover – 11″ X 8.5″
Juvenile & Up – Picture Book
Historical Fiction – Full Color Throughout

ISBN 0-9779808-0-4

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Product Description

‘The Ghost of Hampton Court’ is a Henry VIII haunting love story which brings to life the beauty and horror of one of history’s most chilling stories that ends in a ghostly surprise! Teenaged Catharine Howard, romanced by the powerful and oh, so very mean, King Henry VIII, pledges her troth as his fifth wife and makes an eternally grave mistake which leads to her tormented haunting of Hampton Court Palace! The darkly humorous Teller of Tales Maid Martha takes you along this suspenseful journey as she tells the ghost tale.

Not to be missed is the ‘Interesting Historical Facts from the Tudor Age of Henry VIII’ time-line about Henry VIII, his six wives, Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London. Also written from Maid Martha’s hilarious point of view are the book cover’s ‘Reviews from Beyond the Grave’ purposefully ‘retrieved’ from Henry VIII, Catharine Howard and Cardinal Woolsey.

This richly illustrated book reveals in fine detail Tudor Court life during Henry VIII’s reign.

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